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Informationen zum Coronavirus

Aufgrund der aktuellen Situation sind Veranstaltungen mit mehr als 10 Personen untersagt. Ab 29. Mai dürfen Veranstaltungen (Indoor und Outdoor) mit bis zu 100 Personen stattfinden, ab 1. Juli mit bis zu 250 TeilnehmerInnen (Indoor) und 500 TeilnehmerInnen bei Veranstaltungen im Freien. Ab 1. August sind Indoor-Events mit bis zu 500 BesucherInnen möglich, unter besonderen Sicherheitsauflagen und Genehmigung durch die Bezirksverwaltungsbehörde mit bis zu 1.000 Personen. Outdoor-Events können hingegen ab diesem Zeitpunkt schon von 750 Personen bzw. mit spezieller Genehmigung von bis zu 1.250 Personen besucht werden. Mit der Voraussetzung, dass jedem Zuschauer ein fixer Platz zugeordnet sein muss – in der Regel handelt es sich um Sitzplätze. Sofern es keine zugewiesenen, gekennzeichneten Plätze gibt, sind nur bis zu 100 BesucherInnen bis Ende August erlaubt. Ausgewählte Museen und Orte der Präsentation im künstlerisch-kulturellen Bereich dürfen ihren Betrieb seit Mitte Mai wieder aufnehmen.

Die Veranstaltungen auf dieser Plattform werden laufend aktualisiert und mit Zusatzinformationen (verschoben, abgesagt) ergänzt. Bitte informieren Sie sich im Bedarfsfall auch direkt bei den jeweiligen VeranstalterInnen.

Infos zur aktuellen Lage in Linz


The following FAQs (frequently asked questions) will guide you through the Linz Termine application.

FAQ 1 What is Linz Termine?

Linz Termine is a database listing events taking place in the City of Linz and pertinent details about them (when, where, who). Users, in addition to being able to perform searches with search terms and pre-set categories on the site's home page, can also use the Expanded Search feature to create special search criteria.

FAQ 2 What kind of events will I find in the event calendar?

Linz Termine lists events taking place in Linz in the following categories: dance, event series, exhibitions, festivals, film & cinema, information & knowledge, leisure & entertainment, music, special events, sports, and stage & literature. The information is entered and updated by the event organizers themselves, which assures that everything is kept current. Organizers can also insert links to their own website as a source of additional information.

FAQ 3 Where do I find current events?

Starting on the Linz Termine page you will find a complete overview of all exhibitions and festivals (week‘s program) and the current day‘s program. When accessing the different categories you will find the activities ordered by date of event. The Linz Termine logo on the top left and in the footer will always direct you back to this page in case you get lost.

If you're interested in events on a certain day, you can enter the day manually or use the calendar to do so. If you are looking for events taking place on a particular day, use the Date Entry field or click on the Calendar under the categories in the menu. The current day is highlighted with a red border; weekends and holidays are indicated by a gray background. Simply click on the Left Arrow to get to the previous month; the Right Arrow takes you to the next month. If you would like to browse the previous year, use the Double Left Arrow; you get to the next year via the Double Right Arrow. Select the day by simply clicking on it; this brings up a comprehensive overview of what is happening in Linz on that day divided in categories. Among these menu items, you can quickly bring up a list of results for the current day, the next day or the next week via mouse click.

If you would like to receive a list of all the events on a particular day, enter the desired date in Expanded Search.

Simply click the event title to access further details of any event. The extent of information varies depending on the event organizer.

FAQ 4 How can I search for a specific event?

Linz Termine offers several search options.

  • One is to manually input a date or a week, or select a particular date in the Calendar.
  • Narrow down the search results by clicking on one of the listed categories or by entering a search term. In the light gray navigation bar on the left side of the screen, you'll find an entry field for the search term.
  • Enter the name of an event, the artist's name or the event venue; the search engine then delivers a list of the events. Expanded Search enables you to perform a specified search in the respective categories by date, event organizer and/or event venue. If your search produces no results, revise the search parameters.

FAQ 5 Which categories are available for the search?

When you select a category in the menu, you are either provided with search results immediately or you are presented with a list of sub-categories. One option in the latter case is to click on the main category to see a listing of all events of this type including all sub-categories. Or select a sub-category to quickly and easily narrow down your search results. The following categories are available:
Leisure / Entertainment
   Continuing Education / Business
   Guidance / Excursion
   Kids / Young People
   Festivals / Tradition / Balls
   Migration / Integration
   Markets / Fairs
Stage / Music / Literature
   Theater / Cabaret
   Dance / Show

FAQ 6 How do I receive detailed information about events?

Click on the event to access the page containing details, which can also be printed. The info page initially displays only the first ten dates of a particular event. Click on Display All Dates to see a complete listing.

FAQ 7 How can I print out the results of my search?

You can print out every site by using the key combination Strg/p.
To print out a detail information page from Linz Termine, click on the printer icon at the bottom of the page. This takes you to a new page which is optimized for A4 format. You can now print out the page.

FAQ 8 Can I e-mail my search results?

To e-mail a page from Linz Termine, click on the e-mail icon at the bottom of the page. This takes you to an e-mail form. The fields below that are for your name, your e-mail address, and the recipient's e-mail address. Your name, your e-mail address, and the recipient's e-mail address in these three fields are mandatory.

FAQ 9 Can I change the size of the typeface?

Linz Termine is a barrier-free site, category AA. Depress the Strg (Ctrl) key on the bottom left of your keyboard and use the wheel on top of your mouse to make the typeface larger or smaller. Please note that older versions of Internet Explorer do not completely support this function. The features offered by this barrier-free site are, however, supported without problem by alternative browsers.

FAQ 10 Is Linz Termine a barrier-free site?

To access the barrier-free version of Linz Termine simply click the button Accessible Version on the top right of the page.
Barrier-free design means that Linz Termine is set up in a way that it can be used by anyone, regardless of any handicaps. Blind and visually impaired users can use screen readers or print it out in Braille type. Users with poor eyesight can change the typeface size to adapt it to their individual needs. The site's high-contrast colour scheme and clear typefaces facilitate legibility by people with certain types of colour-blindness’. People with motor dysfunctions who are unable to use a mouse can navigate via keyboard. Please note that older versions of Internet Explorer do not completely support these functions. The features offered by this barrier-free site are, however, supported without problem by alternative browsers.

FAQ 11 Can I enter events into the database myself?

If you would like to enter an event that is taking place in Linz in this event directory, you need to register as an event organizer free of charge. Once your personal information has been approved, you will receive an e-mail with the access code to log in and independently enter information about your event into the database.

FAQ 12 What is Linz Termine?

Linz Termine is a detailed and comprehensive guide to what is happening in Linz. This service is provided by the City of Linz. The information is entered and updated by the event organizers themselves, which assures that everything is kept current. They enter the dates, update events when changes occur and provide additional details via links to their own websites. Linz Termine places a new and highly profession tool at the disposal of tourism professionals for designing their package deals.
The event information and texts on are available as a XML-interface at free of charge (Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Austria).
For further questions please contact us via e-mail: